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Thursday, June 28, 2001
Rock Star CHAOS
Yesterday in what can only be interpretted as an act of Kharmic CHAOS
Country singer Carlene Carter and Howard Norman Epstein were arrested on I -25
in Albuquerque on their way to the airport where Epstein was hurrying to fly back
to the east Coast for his next concert session with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Sadly, not only did they receive a speeding ticket, they also were arrested for possession
of a stolen Jeep and forpossession of a big ball of black tar heroin. Carter claims
to be the owner of the big ball.

Perhaps a bit farfetched, the act of KHARMIC CHAOS comes in when we remember that
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers refused to play a gig in Albuquerque this summer,
opting to play an extra night in Denver instead.

Comedian CHAOS
Paula Poundstone is arrested for committing lewd acts against a child and for child endangerment.
Weird vibes were afoot yesterday on the planet....Geeze.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2001
So what are you driving these days?
Here's an older website worth re-visiting where you can plug in a car make and model and see if it is THE car for you...CarTalk:Psychographics.

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Living on a Thin Line
I am listening to the second half of THE SOPRANOS' new soundtrack cd.
There is this absolutely great song reminiscent of Old and Truly Great Kinks.
Ray Davies has always lived on a thin line. Lately, it occurs to me
that we all do and as the song says,
Living on a Thin Line/ Tell me now/ What are we supposed to do?

Yesterday, I got word of the death of two of my college classmates.
These guys were fifty at most. Not WWII vets . Not that old.
I used to think I would be dead at age thirty three like Jim, Jimi, or Jesus.
My life has had many chapters and verses. Climaxes and denouements to beat the band.
And though I will undergo a colonoscopy and a catscan soon, I am not dead yet.
Just a servant to the angst of Doctors needing to check my 'Middle Age things' out.

A grey day is a gem in Albuquerque went a friend's line of poetry. It is true.
Maybe today's cool grey sky places me in that delicate place of memory.
I used to live in Tacoma, Washington where grey days went on forever and
where it was a fact that more automobile accidents occurred when the sun shone down bright.
It is no wonder that North America's 'coffee mania' began in Seattle. It was a good place to write.
A good place to die and to rise again. For me four years were spent there 'going within'.

And I emerged from that place in 1985 with my true 'soul mate' and life partner.
For that alone, my journey from Florida to Washington was a godsent miracle.
Married at age 36, a late blooming to a life that continues now in this high desert country
whereI stand naked like Christ just a common of words, thoughts, and feelings.
My favorite Aunt and Uncle this weekend celebrated their fifty fifth wedding anniversary.
May we all be so blessed .

Living on a Thin Line/ Tell me now/ What are we supposed to do?

Also playing with early on memories of transistor am radio stations playing Hurdy gurdy Man by Donovan over and over aon a 45rpm disc.

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Sunday, June 24, 2001
It is astonishing how many Enlarge Your Penis Size
spams I receive on a weekly basis.
I guess there could be a message there.
And, that would be that...ah...
Penis Size Spam... Simply Sucks !

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Thursday, June 21, 2001
On this the longest day (Now, there's a movie title!) ,
there is nothing more filled with FRESHCHAOS
than the marvelously mischievous PUMA...our new kitten.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2001
You just gotta love Bush and his lovely twin daughters too...

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Sunday, June 17, 2001
You can say you saw it first right-cheer
...a three alarm Bosque Fire
on Father's day...Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Big Daddy Earl has cranked out a spankin' new 15 Minutes...
Check it out, Amigos...Fifteen Minutes!

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It was fun to go to a pet store today and view just a few of the zillion salt water fish
we saw just a week ago while snorkling Mexican waters. Pet store trip not quite the same.

Flag Day this year brought kudos, honors, and a number one rating to the cool flag of our Enchanted state.
It is one of the few good things that New Mexico has scored numero uno in.
Often, we have been first in DWI deaths or last in teacher pay or third in hantavirus cases...
For a looksee at the Flag Day winners ...
Flag this.

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Thursday, June 14, 2001
"Well, I try to get closer...but I'm still a million miles from you...
Bob Dylan

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They sent him to Dallas to kill a nigger pimp named William Durfee.
He wasn't sure he could do it."

Now there's a line of narrative only James Ellroy could or would write...
It is the opening to his latest bit of CHAOS...The Cold Six Thousand.

Thanks to my old friend DocX for passing along this whole book of FRESHCHAOS!

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...on the web again...

Feels good to be back though a large part of me hasn't quite left the blue waters of Puerto Vallarta.

Our trip to Mexico was sorely needed. We really haven’t had a ‘vacation’ since the ‘Jan. 2000 Paris trip’ and that
had us come home to the death of my wife’s Aunt who raised her. Sort of took the grandeur out of it all.
Mexico is certainly not Paris. Puerto Vallarta is however a very special and very old place though.
A bonus for Albuquerque is that it is just a two hour flight to Houston followed by a two hour flight to PV.
Fairly painless crossing of major borders into a town of tropical beauty with water and pesos and seafood
and very rich and very poor. Truly a ‘foreign’ country within reach.

We were able to take a day’s deep sea fishing trip . Rode horses on a very empty beach...just wife person, me and ‘Valentine’,
a kind old Mexican gentle-man. Ate seafood of godly quality. Although you can get seafood in Albuqueurque
it is not ever my first choice (it’s a desert!).

We bought some beautiful Huichol beaded art work.
The Huichol are a mystically spiritual group of devout Indians.
They follow/worship/honor the deer and various ‘spirits’ .
I have always found them to be interesting and magical people.
Their art is brilliantly colorful.

Another fun aspect to Mexico is that everything costs billions of pesos
(somewhat more valuable than Italy’s lire.) You think, my god 330 pesos for that ??
Oh wait; that’s $33.00 American . Coming back home to those American ‘dollars’ has been a less ‘fun’ experience.

I have come back with a feeling of refreshment and renewal.
My skin and soul sometimes dries a bit too muchin the high desert.
It was fun to ‘sweat’ and be in humidity.
Today in Albuquerque it is bright blue, dry and cool.
This is a good thing and the change of latitude was also a good thing.
Jimmy Bufferzone has it right after all.
My heart is close to the tropics in so many ways.
I don’t think I'll ever outgrow my Florida Native roots. And I so needed to swim, snorkle, and fish.

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A friend writes...
Hello everyone,

I'm in need of some help. My nephews entered a "Stuck
on Prom" scholarship contest. If they win, they each
receive a $2500.00 scholarship. Half of the scoring
comes from on-line voting, so please cast your ballot
in their favor. The web address is:

click this

It'll ask if you want to view the entrants by state,
choose NM. They are the first couple pictured. Just
in case, one of them is dressed as a rather large
woman and the other is a shorter man. There are
silver stars in the background.

Yes, that is ducktape, and yes, they did go to prom
like that. It took us about 20 hours to make their
outfits, and everything that is shown is made of
ducktape, including the earrings, purse, bowtie, and
shoes (if you could see them.)

Please, please, please vote for them.

Thanks so much!


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Sunday, June 03, 2001
I celebrate where I am tonight.
Outside the New Mexican moon is bright.

Summer is a travel time.
Full moon this week will
find me naked in Puerto Vallarta
with my bride of fourteen years.
We were married on a rooftop.

Today, I buy swim fins for us both.
Plus, these really cool faceplates.
Nothing is as it used to be, though.
These faceplates for instance,
they cover your nose and eyes with tempered glass...
zee better to zee
zee FEESH weeth.

But folks, there is just NO WAYyou can call them faceplates.
They are so 'moderne'.
They like, cover your nose and,
they like, cover your eyes...
PLATESHAPED... They ain't.
And maybe that's a good thing.

FRESHCHAOS great loser movie of the moment:
The Big Lebowski, DUDE...
Yeah, I have already seen it too...but let me tell you,
the fifth time you see it ...oooh baby.
Short term memory man speaks.

The sirens have stopped...

There's just no one a capn tonight but moi, CapnChaos.
Still the moon shines bright
and soon it will be naked CHAOS
FRESH from Puerto Vallarta.

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Our thanks to Michal Wallace for the great job at Link Watcher...that would be
Amazingly cool and very fresh CHAOS there.

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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