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Four Schippeteers Gallery

"Be tolerant of THE SKIPPER who disagrees with you... The Schipperke has a right to his Ridiculous Opinion."

Our 'Skipper'

A New Mexican Schipnic

Schipperke Roundup in Roundup, Montana; summer 2000

Skipper's 10th Birthday Gallery

Saturday, March 31, 2001
We are happy to report that Melanie and Skipper are beginning to truly adjust to the loss of their older brother, Joplin. It is taking a bit longer for the 'rents (Jeff and Deb) to accept the loss of Jops.

How-so-ever be it known and noted that Melstrom-The Melanator-tankdog-Miss-Mellie and Skipper-Skipdip are enjoying recently bathed fresh spring coats, new leashes and finally the chance to ride in Daddy's car (!-_-!) which was off limits to their larger older brother.

They are also enjoying new found freedom to use the couch and to sleep long hours on new bedding: all without the presence of kind-but-A-list-dog-the-great-Joplino. Life in our dogs' world nascars on into Spring.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2001
All of us at are delighted to see and to read the great article/cover story from this month's DOGworld Magazine featuring The Sporty Schipperke.

The article written by Sharon Pflaumer is accurate, entertaining and very well done. Apparently she knows her lbd subjects quite well. And the cover photograph is worth the price of the magazine issue!!

One small point that I have seen in action and feel like passing along is that Colored Dog Biscuits are NOTfor Schipperkes. Certainly, our little Skipper will eat them of course but then without fail will throw up or have troubles at the other end. Our young tank dog Melanie can eat biscuits no matter the color but then again she eats you-know-what-and-LIVES.

Their website is

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Saturday, March 24, 2001

We lost our friend Joplin this week on the equinox.

We are 'making do' with two washed and frisky Schips [Melanie and Skipper]
plus a new batch of baby bunnies at

but there will be a big space from our friend of over 13 years...

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Saturday, March 10, 2001
So if it is a s-l-o-w day where you are or perhaps a deep, dark post full moon night as the case may be,
here is an incredible Schipperke time waster page I call the
Schipperke Mouse doodler.
[When you've had enough,
you'll have to hit the back to return here.]

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I firmly believe that like everything else 'New Age", things come and go with a mind of their own. I feel that the dog spirits also reincarnate as they say. With this in mind, I must say that our little friend, Melanie, for whom we had to drive to Montana to re-find/re-incarnate, is quite possibly the reincarnated Tulsa a most amazing Dalmatian I once had the pleasure of attending to.

Tulsa and Joplin in pre-Schip days

Tulsa and Melanie share very many oddly unique characteristics. Brilliance, beauty and bravado come to mind. Despite pure pedigreed-degrees-of-perfection, a desire to dig into every trashcan for tasty tidbits of garbage is a shared trait. The intense love of Chewies is another. Butt-tail wagging is a highlight shared by the docked Schip and the humongously-tailed Dal. Priceless facial expressions and loud groans and voices utilized for many-leveled-begging is a daily way of life. Lack of fear in expressing the need to be number one also goes for both.

Tulsa and Melanie each have one unique gross out slogan...A slogan, in this sense, is what I would call a life rule; a thing that just can't be denied. For Tulsa this slogan ties itself up in two words, MUD RULES. You wouldn't drive your Porsche through mud puddles would why, if you are a gorgeous WHITE and black Dalmatian, would you NOT be able to resist rolling in each and every mud puddle that you come across?

I would often take Tulsa for runs alongside of an old Mail Jeep I owned. I could slide back the doors and watch as Tulsa took care of all of her happy-feet-needs-to-run. Undoubtedly we would come home with mud over everything and the need for an immediate bath following oh about 3/4 ths of these outings. I first had Tulsa in Washington State; then in New Mexico. Fortunately, most of the time there is less mud in the high desert !

Melanie's slogan is somewhat disgusting and children who don't like the s-word should stop reading right here and now. Her slogan is something of an adaption of an old tried and true slogan...EAT SHIT AND LIVE! is Melanie's slogan of the day, week, and though she is trying her best not to 'fly her flag' as high as when we first got her, it remains a fairly BIG flag/slogan for her.

Garbage, mud, and gra-doo. Pedigreed Gifted and Talented dogs are in touch with their dark sides on a daily basis.
And the uniquely dark talents of Long-passed-Tulsa and Forever-young-Melanie makes me wonder.

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Thursday, March 08, 2001
If you have just joined us from the Schipperke list or the SRY2K schip list....truly WELCOME from all of us at

You will find that the information disseminated from this url is closely tied to the latest of MELANIE or the passive aggressive Gifted and Talented child SKIPPER.

Both of these Schips are sadly yet interestingly living in the hospice house for Joplin -friend to schips- who is slowly entering the past-over realms for dogs. Joplin attended the sry2k event this summer and really felt like a white boy on a seashore filled with LBD'S. Now he is fading into the black of night with cancer and the loss of his kidneys and back legs. Meanwhile though, he is barking at the back door.

S and M's dog mom, known to many of you as NEW MEXICO DEB is hard at work getting ready for an amazing Dance Show. If you would like to see a three page gallery of pictures from her Albuqueurque shoe entitled, Vertical Hold, click this : VERTICAL HOLD GALLERY.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2001
Tonight it rains in the high desert of New Mexico. I knew it was going to rain hours beforehand. How you ask? the Schipbarometer.
Our Little Skippers are such super sensitive dogs. Strong and resilient; eager to chase evil beings from the yard; but, come a barometric change, they are out-o-there.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2001
A friend noticed this blog on blogger'sA list of rotation!!...Good Lord...gosh-gush-a-mighty. I apologize to you A list surfers that this is only the second entry for My first blog ( yeah, I remember when I had my first blog) called has many more entries and though Schipperkes are indeed chaotic, FRESHCHAOS is not limited to dog stories.

Life with Schipperkes is a daily delight. Like most of the earth-quaking-snow-ravaged and ready-for-spring-world, I have been stressed lately and I am reminded it is difficult to stay bluesy when you own Schipperkes. The Schipperke was raised in the Belgium to chase rats out from their hiding places aboard the many barges that carried goods and services through the canals. They have a bear like coat that repels grease and water. They are indeed Little Skippers with very firm footing on boats in cars and while chasing rats and cats and whatever else their fancy flings!

We have two of them...Skipper and Melanie. They are both Schip 'rescues'. Melanie in fact came from a journey we took last summer to Montana (before the big fires) for a schipperke roundup. There is a gallery of Schip digitals from that gathering of over 100 'Little Black Devils' at SRY2K Gallery.

They are the Gifted and Talented of the dog world. Smart, mischievous, adorable, and did I mention, mischievous? They are great little watch dogs. More information is available, too, at our original Skippertown site .

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Sunday, March 04, 2001
Thanks to the very cool system... embraces a new format!

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Deb with the Melanator

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