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Saturday, March 31, 2001
MUST SEE non-award-winning-movie-of-the-moment : O Brother , Where art thou?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2001
I recall a state of euphoric epiphany when I didn't go to Church one Sunday and realized that I was still alive and well and not yet in hell. I am having a similar feeling this week realizing that I have not made my daily blog entries and yet I am still alive and well and not yet in hell.

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Saturday, March 24, 2001
Some days I just don't know what to say.
Writer's block can be as real as my heart blocking itself within.
Then a song comes and says it all for no particular reason
...pulls me up to something else...
cracks me open again...
to see the blue blue sky.

My thanks to Neil Young
and to the greatest NEIL YOUNG link on this planet or beyond.

Oh, hello Mr. Soul,

I dropped by
to pick up a reason
For the thought that I caught
that my head
is the event of the season
Why in crowds just a trace
of my face
could seem so pleasin'
I'll cop out to the change,
but a stranger
is putting the tease on.

I was down on a frown
when the messenger
brought me a letter
I was raised by the praise
of a fan
who said I upset her
Any girl in the world
could have easily
known me better
She said, You're strange,
but don't change,
and I let her.

In a while will the smile
on my face
turn to plaster?
Stick around while the clown
who is sick
does the trick of disaster
For the race of my head
and my face
is moving much faster
Is it strange I should change?
I don't know,
why don't you ask her?

We lost our friend Joplin this week on the equinox.

We are 'making do' with two washed and frisky
plus a new batch of baby bunnies at

but there will be a big space from our friend of over 13 years...

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Tuesday, March 20, 2001
Madonna video banned...

Oh ma God...soon to be seen online of course...but where?

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Monday, March 19, 2001
Ostara - Spring Equinox
The exact arrival of spring is marked by the Spring Equinox, the date when
day and night are equal lengths. Depending on the year and time zones, this
equinox falls between March 20 and 23.

German pagans named the Spring Equinox after Ostara, their goddess of
spring, fertility, and rebirth. In England, among the Anglo-Saxon tribes, Ostara
was known as Eostre. The modern holiday of Easter is derived from the name
"Eostre" and the associated myths. According to these myths, Eostre was a
playful goddess whose reign over the earth began in the spring when the Sun
King journeyed across the sky in his chariot, bringing the end of winter.
Ostara came down to earth then, appearing as a beautiful maiden with a
basket of bright colorful eggs. Ostara's magical companion was a rabbit who
accompanied her as she brought new life to dying plants and flowers by
hiding the eggs in the fields.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2001
Economic Collapse...
Can we live with that???
Are we
on a precipice...???
Or a
peering off
into the windy
dust-filled western skies...

Are all the world markets falling into a cyberspace digital chaos ?
The winds of spring
have come to the high desert...

Time to head to the swamps and pueblos of America.
It is sad to lose friends these days.

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Monday, March 12, 2001
Well, for a while there it was good to be a dot-com-millionaire. Actually to be just about any kind of millionaire might feel nice. After today though Wall Street may need sweeping up in the a.m...the jumpers will be crowding the sidewalks.

GW's military : old newz: sub sinks fishing boat of high schoolers...
new newz: USA jet bombs USA soldiers...
more newz: Putin meets with the head of Iran to pass along nuke info...USA still #1???

MIR rockets toward earth and Russia has taken out 200 million dollars of liability insurance in case it misses the Pacific Ocean on its return to the Planet...Heads Up, dudes!!

All this is some pretty FRESHchaos.

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Saturday, March 10, 2001
Well sir, tech stocks sure hit the pit of chaos yesterday. The bears are a smellin' pretty damn bear-y.

I have received notice from two formerly FREE internet services (one a message board service and the other a counter service) both of which are reporting that they are going broke and that their services will no longer be available.

Our mother site, has had banner advertisements for for about three years now. I think the sum total of our 'revenue' from 'click-throughs' and items actually bought by good people out there in cyberville comes to about $42.44.

Not bad for three years. Just another taste of Dot com madness and hey, we're not in it for the $$$ moo-lah...just for the pure irresistible fun of freshchaos.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2001
Rain tonight in the high desert. The smell of rain in desert places is awesomely pungent and uniquely refreshing. Sounds like a can of bathroom deoderant to me. So much nicer without ruining the ozone layer with a spray.

This week I have visited local newspaper offices and local television stations promoting my wife's dance show this weekend. It is pretty interesting to see THE HUGE differences in the offices/attitudes of these two media forms. One of our television stations KOBtv has gone so far as to completely create a, [yawn] Santa Fe style waiting room with vigas and 'horno' style fireplace. A 'viga' is a long log rough cut used for ceiling braces. A 'horno' (me:24-7) is actually a bread oven used by the Pueblo Indians. Another television station KRQEtv has been kind enough to shoot a segment on the dance show, Vertical Hold.
Believe it or not, we received a call at the KiMo Theatre at 6:12 pm MST reporting that KRQEtv regrets they will be unable to film AirDance New Mexico due to a "breaking wind story." This is all true! There was a lot of wind. And it was breaking.

The offices of the Print media are another story. You've got the University of New Mexico's Daily Lobo and The Alibi. Their offices were pretty doggone CHAOTIC. The offices of the Albuquerque Journal are a story for later discussion. Naturally, we took out advertisements in the more CHAOTIC venues.

Albuquerque played a major role in last week's edition of the Simpsons . Our local paper has a great story on the episode by Leanne Potts . For some reason I am supposed to pay The Albuquerque Journal $50.00!!! for linking you to this story. It seems like a steep price for me to send you to their site!
I think I will charge them $75.00!!! for mentioning how great their article was and then asking you the surfer from to go spend time catching the next wave at their website. I laugh. I scoff. I pray to the living god of cyberspacial regimes that no trouble comes from this link to the The Albuquerque Journal.
Because in fact if the truth is out there, is hereby linked to The Albuquerque Journal.

BOOM I've said it, I did it. I think I will do it again. The Albuquerque Journal
oops, I did it again, you gotta love Britney.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2001
Today, I returned to the place where I taught the Gifted and Talented for six years...Rio Grande High School. It was interesting to drive in as an ex-teacher to distribute fliers about my wife's upcoming dance show.

Some things have changed , some not. I enjoyed running into the Principal and having a conversation as 'person' vs. as an 'employee'.

I have taught in many schools over the years. Rio Grande High School though was a very unique special place. It has a huge geographical community to serve...There are Native Americans, cowboys (cowgirls too), Mexicanos, Chicanos, latinos, Hispanics and a minority of White Anglo Saxon Protestants/Catholics.

The student population comes from a part of Albuquerque that is truly agrarian and traditional. I was amazed when kids would bring in pictures of their families...there would be 20-30 people in family photographs! I was envious of that. My own Anglo/gringo/white guy family is quite small and devisive not to mention dysfunctional and now mostly departed from the Planet. The idea of 'gangs' is an old one in the South Valley. Gangs are more part of the family heritage than 'cool/groovy'. It is or was NOT a bad thing but more a way of life based on a real need for helping one another. But like everything else that has changed and is changing even moreso on a daily basis.

I have a narrative poem I wrote about the community surrounding Rio Grande High School. It is called , On the Bus.

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Sunday, March 04, 2001

Scientists in Socorro, New Mexico have discovered a Christmas comet that will be visible to the naked eye by December 2001.
Bruce Springsteen is releasing a double CD entitled,'Live in NY City' with 19 songs in April. There is no connection between the CD release and the Comet. (or is there?).
The not-so-smart-bombs used in the USA's fearless Iraq attack February 16th, were blown off course by the wind. (Huh...?) When the bombs near their intended target, they are programmed to release 145 incendiary bomblets each the size of a soda can. These soda pops were apparently not-so-smartly blown away by the wind (Oh...I see.).

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Thursday, March 01, 2001
This just in ... Dateline: Tacoma

My friend Mike writes:

It's not the big one.
When the big one comes we'll all stand up and shout
When Quinn the Eskimo gets here we'll
C'mon without C'mon within
We've not seen nothing like the mighty Quinn

The earth is infinitely tiny. All my things got smashed. The only things
that didn't get destroyed were my thoughts about them.

Might as well dance.

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Have you ever ordered a product online? Everyone talks about it. But have you ever done it?
No wonder dotcoms are dropping like flies. Today I went to CompUSA to buy a floppy disk thingee..natch the new iMacs thought the days of FLOPPIES were long over. Anyway, they had no demo model. So how can you decide which FLOPPY matches your cute little iMac...? Well, you can't cuz there's a 50 per cent fee to open the package. So whaz the dif between online and at the sto?

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There is nothing as important in life as Partnership.
You can choose to whom or to what you are to be partnered. Or can you?
A job, a wife, a business.
Ah...and just what is a business?

Money, Jesus, God , Spirit.
Beer, pornography,drugs.
Vitamins,health, life.
There is nothing as important in life as Partnership.

There is nothing as important in life as Partnership.
12 step programs, school systems, democrats,republicans.
Being agedly fine or youthfully exhuberant.
And whatever happened to Tim Allen..?

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Thank God and the Powers....Cock Fighting is still legal in Neuvo Mexico.
Sadly, though all New Mexicans who have child pornography will finally find themselves holding an illegal package of prints, slides, jpgs, or whatever. It is ABOUT TIME that New Mexican pedophiles have a hotter bath to sit in. This State has some endearing qualities, many in fact. Legal Child Pornography is not one of them.

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Newsweek Magazine has a page and a half devoted to the weblog and is a 'weblog' with for your continued support.

Several friends have called from the Great Northwest to report broken pipes and off-the-wall chaos of sorts but no injuries following the 6.8 earthquake there. I recall that an old house where I lived in Tacoma had slips and cracks in the brick foundation and chimney. It was interesting and scary to see the house history in the brickwork. Earthquakes are not unknown in the Northwest and sadly too, at any second, volcanoes could spew!

Speaking of spew... I wrote a poem yesterday evening which follows in the next entry.

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So little time.

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