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Wednesday, February 28, 2001
FRESHCHAOS...Poetry...Hot off the mesa :

Ash Wednesday : Albuquerque 2001

This city is growing:
the roar of Southwest, United and Delta blast on the breeze.
This city is growing, America.
And over the desert
rain walks;
snow flurries
and the sky ...
the sky is alive with the color of twilight.

I used to walk my dog, Tulsa, over there.
It's now the new Sunport Car Rental Center for the City.
Burrowing barned owl wings used to nestle there.
Planes have landed here since my Dad learned to fly.
he landed here once,
and never had to return.
Those were the days pf true soldiers
when freight trains brought the maple floors for our living rooms.

Ash Wednesday : Albuquerque 2001
This city is growing, America.
Past being a one-story town
There is a new station on the radio called The Zone.
There are no DJ's apparently.
The only voice is the recorded voices of happy listeners.

It snowed this morning
on my way to Wal-Mart.
Loose change and
large flakes in multi-pass layers.
Snow is greeted with open arms in this high desert.

Ash Wednesday : Albuquerque 2001
Out the passenger window: Sandia watermelon-colored Mountains.
In the rearview : the Manzano Mountains peak.
Ahead, Jemez Mountains stand.
To the left,
the sun in clouds and
walking rain that dances
through snow fall over Western mesas.
And beyond,
the Northwest rumbles and quakes.
Words just don't do it at all.

Ash Wednesday : Albuquerque 2001
I have come to this mesa many times.
I wrote an entire story here
while sitting in my Postal Service vehicle.
Six cyllinders; it had.
And doors that pulled back;
wide open .
I called that story, On tilted wings.
It was about a mad Indian -
a Native American angry at his Dad.
His name was Blake Manyfeathers.
He takes a pot shot at a landing plane.
That was in 1988.
I wrote a lot then.
My wife danced.

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FRESHCHAOS Newz briefs:
I like teachers so much, I married one."
The State of the Union address was cosmically (comically?) reassuring as the stock market skittered across yesterday's twilight sky. I can't decide if:
I am warming up to GW...
Still Hate GW...
Don't care about GW...
My level of trust for GW is on the rise...
There is no trusting GW...
Does GW appeal to me more as a Christian? a Republican? a smirk-master?
I can not qualify myself as purely 'Christian', 'Republican' nor as a 'Smirker' but, all in all, I would just have to say that GW Tastes great AND is less filling!

more FRESHCHAOS Newz :

The situation in Columbia is rife with CHAOS. Perhaps easily billed as THE NEXT VIETNAM.The country is massing soldiers to fight and defend its land which is the world's major source for heroin and cocaine. The USA is stepping in more and more expensively against this 'defense'.

And England is fast becoming The Pariah of Europe. Could be THE time for a flight to London. Just don't eat the meat!!

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Monday, February 26, 2001
Stolen fresh and chaotically from the pages of perhaps the worst magazine I subscribe to (US Magazine ) is this bit of fluff regarding the honorable Bruce Sprinsteen:
"A three member panel of the United Nation's World Intellectual Property Association ruled that Bruce Springsteen, 51, was not the boss of The tribunal found that Canadian, Jeff Burgar, who runs the Bruce Springsteen Club was using the name in good faith and not for quick profit."

Thank the powers that there exisits on the planet a United Nation's World Intellectual Property Association. Hooray for good faith without profit.
In other FRESHCHAOS, I see that the movie Battlefield Earth scored a new millennium record of EIGHT Razzie Nominations which is amazing considering that there are only NINE categories in which to receive a nomination. Way to go L.Ron Hubbard and John Travolta.

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A most amazing dance troupe is coming to Albuquerque...Check out the photo gallery for AirDance New Mexico presents Vertical Hold.

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Saturday, February 24, 2001
Today a new moon after a dark night. Our old buddy Mercury is slowing its retrograde path and tomorrow she spins freshchaos in the other direction. Astrology, numerology, and astrophysics have their own crowds of followers which may or may not include you or me, but I can not deny that these last few weeks have been particularly full of freshchaos.

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Thursday, February 22, 2001
"A kinder gentler machine gun hand" sang Neil Young in Rockin' in the Free World back when our Prez's dad was Prez. Today's news flashes us back to the daze of dad bushmeister...

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) - Responding to Iraqi anti-aircraft fire, U.S. jets on Thursday bombed Iraqi air defense systems in the northern no-fly zone,the U.S. military said in a statement.
The U.S. warplanes bombed air defense sites after Iraqi forces opened fire at U.S. planes conducting routine patrols north of Mosul, some 250 miles north of Baghdad.
The United States and Britain have been enforcing no-fly zones over northern and southern Iraq since the end of the Gulf War in 1991. Planes patrolling the northern zone are based in the southern Turkish base ofIncirlik. Iraq, which regards the zones asviolations of its territorial sovereignty, has been challenging the patrols since December 1998.
In Washington Thursday, a Pentagon official said results of last weekend's airstrikes on Iraqi air defense sites were mediocre at best and that far fewer than half the targeted radars were damaged. The official spoke on condition of anonymity.
[well, I guess so!!]

Go Georgie, Go.

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Monday, February 19, 2001
FRESHCHAOS stupid TV listing of the week:"Temptation Island: More temptations".

JLo and Puffy are split. Bummer, dudes.

FRESHCHAOS billboard alert:
Seen on I-25 Northbound from Albuquerque to Santa Fe...
Come and Get It.
Eating Meat Can Cause Impotence

Just yesterday I was shoveling steer manure and
feeling all Springy in New Mexico.
Here we see my friend John Kevin Cook on his Huson, Montana driveway.
This photo reminds me winter ain't over 'til it's over.

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Saturday, February 17, 2001
Digital Shorts!?
Get into some shorts at!
Highly recommended. Takes a moment to register...then there are a ga-zillion shorts to get into...
They also will publish yours if you're a digital-shorts-producer-type-persona.

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Friday, February 16, 2001
Bush is so cool...just cover up that old USN Submariner slip with a few well placed smart bombs onto Iraq. No one likes Iraq. Iraq is bad...badddd.

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Thursday, February 15, 2001
Well, so very cool. Some guy with impeccable taste has asked to join his web ring . I'll bet we're the only website he has asked for this honor. Undubitably so, dear Watson.

This is the second piece of good news today. Our main sewerline here at the HQ hacienda was totally surrounded by the roots of an elm tree and those roots actually crushed the old style clay pipes. The power of nature astounds me daily. Happy to report that the shit flows freely again and that life goes on with our new membership in The Greatest Sites on the dubya.dubya.dubya web-o-ringo.
to find the new Webring...Happy surfing trails...!!

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The makers of Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft and other fine anti-depressants are happy to inform you that the planet Mercury will continue to be in retrograde until February 25th. So don't miss your daily dose...make mine a double. Too much CHAOS is not necessarily a good thing.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2001
Just when I start to think I got probs I witness Big Daddy Earl. He is a man with problems. He is a country song waiting to happen. Saturday night, he actually is accidental witness to his 'sweetie' having wild sex with a guy who drives a muscle car. Not a good thing.

Be sure to watch for upcoming epsodes of Big Daddy's Fifteen Minutes linked straight off this page. And now there's even a movie Fifteen Minutes. Well, Sirs and Ma'mselles, don't forget that you saw Fifteen Minutes first right here!

Greatest recent CHAOS video...American Psycho.

Coolest CHAOS slogan...Above the fold.

Interesting CHAOS music video: Kid Rock's "Cowboy".

Kookie CHAOS newsbits:

Hooray!! Cock Fighting is still legal in our Enchanted State of New Mexico!! Thank god for a traditionally
culturally -in-tuned-and-moronic State legislature. In other legislative matters,Child Pornography is still legal to own in Nuevo Mexico.

OJ arrested for road rage and Uncle Bill Clinton just won't go away...Geeze.

USN Sub plows vertically into a fishing boat filled with Japanese High Schoolers. Dubya's military off to a smashing start.

JLo was actually pretty damn great as host of SNL. Sorry for my disparaging comments earlier.

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Saturday, February 10, 2001
So if you missed it last week, you have another chance to witness true chaos as again the XFL tonight takes the field on NBC tv. Bone crushing surround sound action is shortly to be followed by J.Lo on SNL.
Another Saturday Night of Total Chaotic gotta love North American television and just think, its free. Such a deal!

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Friday, February 09, 2001
Ok I admit it, I am a news addict.
My news fixes range from the morning paper to television; the evening news...the late night news...
and if that doesn't cool the craving for chaos, frequently I will have the background crackle of my
local fire/police scanner blasting away. Just now, for example, the Albuquerque Fire Department is en route Code Three
to extinguish a couch on fire in the middle of a field at 12th and Menaul.!

Click this and you too can listen to Scanners online!

But for truly the latest news and nudity
you just can't beat!!

Attention viewers:neither nor, advocates the disrobing of male or female newscasters in the process of their reporting the news. We feel that news is news and that full frontal nudity during the reporting of news is quite a distraction.

However, is one of the damnedest things this reporter has ever seen or heard on the World Wide Web and, for the sake of pure entertainment, we at bring you this chaotic link. It is recommended that you be at least 18 years of age and demeanor for this adventure. You will also need Real Player or a similar viewer with your browser to see

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Thursday, February 08, 2001
In today's freshchaos...
Britney Spears signs on with Pepsi Cola. One more reason to drink Coke!!

Dale Evans dies...whoa, Trigger! Hang on Nellie Belle!

Own A piece of the Moon!

Into TheComix?

Ariel Sharon wins over Ehud Barak. Good? NOT good?

Gunman (ex- IRS agent) takes potshots at White House. wasn't me.

The#3 Hotspot in the Nation to relocate to is Albuquerque.
#1=Hotlanta; #2=Phoenix. Undoubtedly, the judges were influenced by their visit to BunnytownUSA!

Want to comment on New Mexico's Waste Isolation Project? Visit the new owners of WIPP!

CWD chronic waste disease is mysteriously killing elk and deer in Montana, Idaho and Colorado. Symptoms are similar to MCD Mad Cow Disease. McDonald's stock is going lower than the tech stocks!...ummm...burgers...

freshchaos video of the moment: Renegades of Funk by Rage Against the Machine.

freshchaos fashion statement: bubble body wear...Not for the timid! In fact if nudity offends, skip this site altogether. Then again, if you LIKE to pop those bubbly plastic wrap thingees, this may be THE site for you to start popping.

Super Syzygy Window: the latest from indicates that we are with today's Full Moon combined with a very "close perigee/approach of the moon" there is a very high possibility of EARTHQUAKES. This guy is good. Last time freshchaos reported on his (Jim O.Berkland's) report earthquakes occurred in both El Salvador and India. Beware!! Take cover or get under the covers!!

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Monday, February 05, 2001
Big Daddy Earl has taken another fifteen minutes to write an article. This one is about THE APOSTROPHE .

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Have you voted for your favorite Big I color scheme yet? Even if you live in Palatka, thanks to the internet, you too can take part in establishing the future look of Albuquerque's biggest intersection THEBIGI.

The older you get the faster time flies by. The two year construction bottle neck will be over 'seemingly soon' for this old guy. So get out the vote for your favorite Scheme...Just click : Vote Here!.

SCHEME 1: The first color palette consists of a turquoise called “Blue Vista” to accent the center walls of bridges, with the body of the bridges painted in a muted reddish-beige color called “Light Earthtone” and the sidewalls of the bridges painted in a darker reddish-beige color called “Sedona Clay”.
SCHEME 2:The second color scheme consists of a gray-blue called “Chalet Blue” to accent the center walls
of the bridges, with the body of the bridges painted in “Light Earthtone” and the sidewalls of the bridges painted in a reddish-brown color called “Awning Red”.

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Saturday, February 03, 2001
Stand by for the XFL!!
Tonight we shall see how the World of 'Professional' Wrestling deals with pigskins and cheerleaders. They have made some interesting rule changes for added excitement. And microphones in the locker room for added smellavision.
I can't wait. Turn up that Surround Sound Baby.

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So little time.

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