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Tuesday, February 27, 2001
Once upon a time there was a frog who lived in a lake all by himself. He had been given special powers by a local witch.
One day he finally ventured out of the lake to get his first glimpse of the world outside. The first thing he saw was a bear chasing a rabbit, and so he called out to them and asked them to stop.
Then he said to them: "I am a magical frog and since you are the first two animals I have ever seen, I am going to grant you both three wishes. You will each take turns using them and you have to use them now."
The bear (being greedy) went first. "I would like for every bear in this forest to be female except for me."
A magical sound and it was done.
Then the rabbit. "I would like a helmet."
This confused both the frog and the bear, but after a magical sound there was a helmet.
It was the bear's turn again. "I would like for every bear in the neighboring forest to be female."
A magical sound and it was done.
The rabbit went again. "I would like a motorcycle."
Both the frog and the bear wondered why the rabbit didn't just ask for a lot of money with which he could buy himself a motorcycle, but after a magical sound there was a motorcycle.
The bear took his last wish. "I would like for all the bears in the world to be female except for me."
A magical sound and it was done.
The rabbit then put on his helmet, started up the motorcycle, and said, "I wish the bear was gay" and took off like a bat out of hell.

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Friday, February 09, 2001
Here is our latest . He (or she?) is called,"Milagro", which indeed means miracle.
The bunnies usually stay underground longer than this little guy. He is the smallest bunny ever at BunnytownUSA...

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Archival Entries follow:

February 2001

We are having multiple bunny births and
just in time Clark's Pet Emporium of Albuquerque
has agreed to serve as the official BunnytownUSA adoption agency.
Clarks is a fine store that also adopts out (vs. 'sells') dogs and cats.

Major snows in the last two weeks have caused some changes at Bunnytown.
It is amazing how the bunnies react to change...Something changes and it is like
the changed thing has been there all along. Another mechanism for Survivor Bunnies.

Bunnies in the newz:
A planned bunny hunt (actually wild jack rabbits) at the Las Cruces, New Mexico
airport has been called off. It was called off not for humanitarian reasons but rather
because coyotes and birds of prey have brought the bunnie population down naturally.

October 2000

As the Kodak Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta flies,
the bunnies are looking up. We passed through a terror of a time in
September with several of the new bunnies getting attacked by a cat .
The bunnies completely covered up and re-dug their burrows and are
now much more secure. We expect another litter soon.
One baby survived...he is almost all grown now...His name is Poncho.

August 2000

This week marks the first appearance of a new bunny batch...
here is one of the little ones caught taking in
the afternoon breeze...

The hot ones of summer are a tough time for bunnies both
big and small.BunnytownUSA features many odd shapes and forms
which are utilized to provide the most shade posssible. In New Mexico
we are always glad to arrive at the so-called MONSOON SEASON which
has arrived late this year.
The Gulf of Mexico sends low pressure our way and with it often comes
daily afternoon showers. We are also on the look out for new baby bunnies.
The older ones are becoming very protective of the main burrow at BunnytownUSA.
This is often a sign that a new litter might be on the way. Stay tuned...

May 2000 from the "Bunny Mistress"

As the millennium drew to a close in the mind of everyone not caring how
zero fits in our calendar, we found Bunnytown hopping with baby bunnies.
A few months earlier we took in a pair of young rabbits. Young-uns are very
difficult to sex and ... well ... young Harvey grew and grew and grew and
became the great Harvelinda.

After a year of birthing bunnies, Harvelinda retired to a bunny villa and her
beautiful daughter Ming became the new matriarch of Bunnytown.
Bunnies in Bunnytown are born underground, as they would be in the wild.
They are born bald and blind. Mom creates a nest of grass and leaves
and fur plucked from her chest. She nurses them twice a day and spends
the rest of her time some distance away, so as to protect the location of her den.
The bunnies quickly gow fur and open their eyes and emerge about 10 days
after birth to start mixing produce and grains with their dairy.

When watching the babies, one smiles wide and often laughs out loud.
When they first emerge, their heads are as big and round as their bodies
and balance is a feat to be mastered. Sitting on their haunches, cleaning
their faces after nursing, they resemble tiny snowmen and often topple.
Nursing takes place on one's back, underneath Mom,
hind legs pumping the air. How cute is that?

Raising bunnies is simultaneously wonderful and challenging:
hours of incredible joy are mixed with moments of heartbreak.
Even with the best care, not every bunny makes it. Ming died
suddenly of mastitis, leaving behind seven tiny babies, including
Little Stevie Wonder. Stevie was the smallest and his eyes refused to open.
Miraculously, he lived for two weeks, expertly navigating with hissenses
of hearing, smell, and kinesthesia (body awareness). We miss Ming and
Stevie and are glad they are together enjoying the fields on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Meanwhile, Stevie's siblings are growing and exploring and getting ready to
bring joy to humans needing the companionship of rabbitdom. Each has
his/her unique personality and we're sure to find the right one for you!
ęDebra Landau
Well bucks and bunnie-gals, before DRAGONS came BUNNIES...
YEAR of the RABBIT info link

Archival Entries End here!

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