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Sunday, December 31, 2000
Many thanks to my friend Wayne Klick for continued jovial kicks in the ass to stay web motivated for the pure and easy fun of it...if you haven't KLICKED over to wayne's blog go for it now cuz it is a doozy...wayne's worldblog HQ!!

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Magazines always come to the newstand with a date that hasn't even happened yet.
With this in mind, let me say here and now that my latest CHAOSJOURNAL is NOW online and it predates itself by a day at least.
So whadayawaitingfor...check it out. CHAOSJOURNAL 2001

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Checkstevana.comout. Go baby go. She's for sure the ultimate webstriss in more ways than breast enhancement.

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This just in from the folks at
2001 is the year of the "Snake Sleeping in Winter". The image is one of a snake which builds up sufficient resources to last out the winter in comfort. On face value this may seem to imply that a successful year is ahead.This is not necessarily the case, but is dependent upon sufficient work being done to ensure that success.
This is a year for preparation. In this particular snake year there is the association with deep winter, with potential hardship and difficulties to overcome. This is a year, therefore, in which your eyes should be fixed on your goals, but not so firmly fixed as to be blind to the short-term difficulties that lie in the path of your goals.
This is a year in which it is important be faithful to friends and family. Your network of support may be a significant asset in difficult times. Be prepared to be more than a fair weather friend and to walk the extra mile when someone is in need. That said, remember that there is a danger of excessive behaviour this year, so keep a balance, and just check to make sure you're not being taken for a ride.

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2001 does have a nice ring to it. Somehow nicer than the mere 2000.
This time last year my father had just left the planet and my wife and I were off to see the nightlife of Paris. There was still gas for the car and all that y2k stuff eventually went to the thrift store gladly unused.
Y2k still arrives in unexpected forms. Take our Natural Gas bill (what you don't have enough' natural' gas of your own?) . Last month $80. This month, THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS US. At least the heater still has gas with which to get hot. But this new y2k+1 bug will have far reaching affects, effects, and a defect or two as well. Meanwhile, Happy 2001, Year of the Snake! Shed some skins; be re-born. Go well.

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Ok... I have been shamed into a thought corner loud enough to wake me from sleep and blog. The question is raised that if you are only blogging say once a week that your blog is of less value than a daily hourly or twice hourly state of blog.Truly FRESH chaos. Chaos coming in non-stop. By those standards, I guess I am a blogger wannabe.
I only get out my blogger spray can when moved to do so . I don't carry it around with me and blog every wall I see. Of course you may never get over to the wall I blogged with my trusty little spray can.
Is a blog no more than a message board for constant response? Obviously, I don't see it that way. I must admit that I have not yet gone dsl and that at times my computer is actually off.
Not to mention there's yes, oh my god I'm gonna hurl...a life outside of blog. This past week there were candles to light and things to do. Mea Culpa .

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Monday, December 25, 2000
Bunny Obsession

Let me tell you the story of Melanie @ Bunnytown. Melanie is our latest Schipperke. Lately she is obsessed with the bunnies of Bunnytown. these aren't the Playboy variety. No these are rabbits. Lots of them and Melanie can't spend enough time with them.

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Soon a Christmas sunrise will be followed by a partial solar eclipse...
The sheer wonder of the new Millennium just keeps going and going .
And speaking of Christmas, I finally saw the movie 'Stigmata'. With chestnuts roasting and my stockings hung out to dry,
I was aglow with all the joy of my Roman Catholic upbringing, watching Patricia Arquette bleed.

Merry Chaos.

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Friday, December 22, 2000

Poets are nuts.
Their shells:
Hard to crack;
They beg to be peeled.

Jeff Hartzer

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I recently passed the one year anniversary date of my father's death . Marrying a Jew has taught me many things
but one is learning about the yartzeit celebration. The Yartzeit is a bigger deal than the funeral. And
somehow without all the stress and chaos of 'funeral time' it makes sense to me that you may actually go
much deeper into your loss and forgiveness and respect for 'the deceased'. At the yartzeit, the gravestone is
Last night was the darkest night of the year. What? It didn't seem darker than last week. Ok, so it was the longest 'dark' and the shortest 'light'...yes, the winter solstice passed by. It is a time to face up to and to let go our darkness. In this way we can accept that there is both dark and light and that neither is a bad or a good thing (thanks again , Martha.)
My mother pre-deceased my father by five years. When she died , she had sons, wealth and sadly a stroke victim for a husband. Her
whole passage was my eye opener for 'finding your bliss' NOW. For too many years I have been consumed with an obsession about my past and of course with worries about the future. Ram Dass had a stroke not too long ago. Can even Ram Dass forever be in his BE-HERE-NOW state?
Probably not but to be here now is certainly a worthy attitude to strive for.

Something that bothers me is people who are unwilling to take a look at themselves, unwilling to change,
unwilling to let go, unwilling to improve. A number of people I know, haven't an iota of interest in 'personal growth and development.
I for one am beginning to tire of this type of person.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2000
I have been thinking about collaboration. It is a thing that doesn't truly happen much in America.
Everyone wants credit for work and creativity and few are willing to give that credit . The web is
certainly a place where with little no-it-all-ness, things can be stolen and rephrased or used at will.

There are givers and there are takers. There are 'heart' people and 'head' people and no I don't mean
the 'Monica Lewinsky' or 'hippie' heads...just those who operate from thought rather than from feeling.
Those that take the surface value as par and refuse to take a deeper look. Those who have elected our latest
President may or may not fall into this category.

Collaboration just doesn't seem to happen much these days and that is sad.

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Sunday, December 17, 2000
A wind blows in the high desert tonight. Strong and from the Northwest. We have a new president elect and the neighbors have hung red, white, and blue lights. Little twinkly lights. The whole world of Christmas has gone to little twinkly lights. The holidaze should be delayed due to the election Chaos. America seems out of kilter just now. And tonight , a wind blows in the high desert.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2000

There come moments in flight
when you simply forget
when you feel the shifting
a tilt up
a silent slipping
engines throbbing
cotton clouds of cumulous silk

There come moments in flight
tray tables locked in their
upright position
when all around you
is silence within yourself
And the fuselage rushing
blasting through thin air
and simple things are a touch away
reading lights beamed on
conditioned air
breathing down

There come moments in flight
when you sense how alone you are
amidst Happy Campers
on their way to somewhere
far far away

There come moments in flight
when the flaps drop down
and all the world is tilting
tilting steep-edged
toward new realities
and landscapes unknown
known too well

Jeff Hartzer

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I felt naked after watching the bushmaster make it strongly his live-in-infamy-speach and so on. Then I realized my naked feeling sprang not from THE NED FLANDERS of politics but instead to this dwindling feeling of inadequacy brought up in the fact that tonight I AM A BLOGGER VIRGIN.

What are those things between GW's eyebrows? More eyebrows? He is so 'superior to every adversary' which is exactly how he wants our armed forces to be. So superior. And, he's 'not a crackhead' anymore.
God Bless America.
Richard's back...and I don't mean the naked survivor dude. We're talking Nixonian rhetoric-chaos. Again that word, 'naked'; all due to the full moon passing by this week in the midst of my being A BLOGGER VIRGIN.

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On this Presidential day, I think of Allen Ginsberg's line your "first thought is your best thought." I have never liked editing. My first written thoughts much out there on the deck of a starship with my head hooked into Adromeda...
America hates her crazies...and you gotta let go you know...or else you stay.
Blogdom is better than bugdom ...and you gotta let go you know...and you gotta let go you know...

This Presidential election is the closest ever and though Governor Bush is no Dummie, I
would like to point out what I call here, The Intelligence factor .

As a teacher of the Gifted and Talented for many years, I have seen how bored most of us seem to be with intelligence. We tire of long-winded gifted and talented or know it all explanations for everything. We want our plates filled fast and we want our deserts piled high without explanation of what's good for us.

Something big is happening to afront the last decade's insistence on Political Correctness. I call it the HOMER FACTOR.

Homer Simpson is today's favorite American it seems to me. We want new football stadiums and cold beer. Every year both our television sets and our waistlines grow wider. And truly there are some BIGTIME ASSHOLES out there. Takes one to know one I say.'Get over it'.

Is the election snafu a result of the Homer factor in America today?

Did the voters tire of Mr. Gore's Intelligence and DOH vote for Homer ? Have we voted for Bart instead of Lisa? Have we tired of the gifted and talented have we gone for the Big Time Assholes?

America seems to favor That NEW THING We Have Seen Before. There have been many great temples erected for the truly insignificant. Looks like a burning Bush is aflame. And big bonfires can be fun except when they kill people. DOH!!

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Monday, December 04, 2000
With this chaotic state of the union in these here United States of CHAOS how can there not be a FRESH CHAOS Blog???

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So much Chaos,
So little time.

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